Established in 2005, is a leading provider of 100% Legal Lands in Maharashtra

About Us

Established in 2005, is a leading provider of 100% Legal Lands in Maharashtra

If you are looking for investment in Large Land in Maharashtra- Thane then this is right time for investment for short - long term.

We have many proposal for investments and development where investor could make more money in short period.

Benefits if you buy from us

Verification of ownership documents, Village map, Gut book of land, Road map, Zone certificate

Photos and videos of the land. ( For overseas clients )

Land Survey & Demarcation of land

Project Approvals

Registration of land

Boundary of land

Compliance of All Govt laws

We will provide all require documents online via mail.

Transparency in Deal is our commitment.

In-house team of Legal Experts

There are number of laws, rules, practices which one needs to follow while buying a land. Thus, we have a in-house team of Legal Experts who are experts in matters relating to property dealings and transactions and provide consultancy to small big Investors, banks, developers and builders. Our Team takes special care in scrutinizing property documents of our clients so that they do not face any unnecessary problems at later stages. We also provide practical solutions to various complicated legal problems faced by our clients by understanding their needs and requirements. The property documents are meticulously scrutinized and all the reports such as scrutiny report, conveyance deeds and other documents are prepared with utmost care, perfection and thereby providing acceptable legal solutions. Our team makes a strong legal foundation for the property purchasers so that they do not face any problems in future.

Types of Land

  • Agriculture Land
  • Institutional Land
  • Industrial Land
  • Farm Houses
  • Na Land