Who Can Buy From Us

There are a variety of types of land seekers that a farmseller may encounter. One of the more intriguing segments is Farm Land for investors. Different types of investors, including the local guy who buys land, high net worth individuals who usually have hired someone to purchase and manage the land purchased, accredited investors, and institutional investors that typically have large funds behind them providing the capital. 

The following list are the most popular general categories of possible land investments that are available.

  • Residential and Commercial development land
  • Livestock and crop-producing land
  • Timberland & commercial woodlands
  • Vineyards
  • Recreational land

The most common types of property investment for many of us are residential or commercial land and there are numerous development opportunities and scenarios where deals can be structured to fall in line with investors goals as well as any relevant capital and time constraints that are applicable to each specific venture.

Residential and commercial land development investments are primarily meant to provide you with a return on your capital by using the land to create a development that adds value and is subsequently sold on at a profit, if it all goes to plan.

Any investors who want to own and occupy the land for their own benefit would not therefore look to get involved in a commercial or residential deal where ownership is almost temporary and the land is being used to generate a profit rather than provide somewhere for you to live.

 Any investor who is considering a raw-land purchase is potential Buyer for us. Our main types of Clients/ customers are:


Salaried Persons, Small Business Owners, Farmers, Traders etc


SME, Large Enterprises,Limited companies, Private & Public Sector undertakings, Housing Companies, Builders etc


NGO's, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, PVt Trusts, Govt or Semi Govt Agencies, Institutes



Maharashtra Lands brings together the various components of the land industry and provides knowledge and information to land investors, owners and professionals to create a stronger land marketplace. Get land smart!